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Full Day in Muscat

We invite you to explore and discover around Muscat area (Wadi Al Mayh and Al Khiran); to see the beauty and the rich geological heritage. Explore the geological wonders with the support of the latest technologies by using maps, sign boards, and free of charge applications for smart phones. These enable guidance to the sites utilizing the global navigation system (GPS) along with providing multilingual multimedia information to gain a better understanding of the geological processes.

The tour of the geological attractions in Wadi Al Mayh is a half-day trip from Muscat. A round trip can be taken by approaching Wadi Al Mayh from the south-west via the Quarayyat road then exiting the Wadi from the north near Al Bustan. This tour can be combined with Al khiran geotour as a full day tour. A coffee break is arranged in Ar Rija, an old village.

Wadi Al Mayh tour covers three geological attractions as follows:


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