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Ethraa Tourism

About us

If you like to travel, meet new people and enjoy the finer things in life?

Now you can, through ETHRAA TOURISM, we can offer you travel arrangements with affordable rates with our experienced tour operators, we can handle your travel needs and meet with your expectations.

Travel can teach you more than you can learn in any educational institutions.

Through travel, you can broaden your horizons, learn about new cultures through your interaction with the local inhabitants in a foreign land. This can begin your journey to view the world with an open mind. So, our goal is to fulfill these requirement with an enjoyable memories from your travels.

Start by contacting ETHRAA TOURISM, we are here to help you.

Our Mission

  • Top quality services to all our customers.
  • We challenge ourselves and searching for the best travel value for our customers and their families.
  • Participate with Ministry Of Tourism on their sales mission to present Sultanate of Oman thus developing our reputation and image in the international market.

Our Vision

  • To become the leading ground operator in SME entrepreneurship in line with Government's initiative to promote SME with its citizens.
  • Showcasing and promoting our services.
  • Positive impact of tourism to the local economy.

Our Specialities

24/7 availability
dedicated team
guranteed satisfation
free estimate